Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen Good design isn't about excessive ornamentation or fancy things, rather it is about simplicity, ease and creating inviting spaces you can enjoy every single day. Opening his own design studio first at the tender age of twenty-six, Nicholai Wiig Hansen quickly made a name for himself in Danish furniture design. Drawing inspiration from everything around him, Nicholai found meaning, ideas and inspiration in art, food, nature and machinery. Nicolai notes that when he designs, he uses himself as the target group trying to determine necessary proportions and adding details that are not strictly decoration, but also serve some kind of purpose. Nicholai Wiig Hansen’s work has come to be appreciated for its simplicity, its functionality all while resting firmly under the umbrella of stand out design. Wiig Hansen has embarked on some high profile collaborations including one with Normann Copenhagen to create ‘My Chair,’ ‘My Table,’ and ‘Tablo’ all both commercially successful and well received within the design communities. The tradition of Danish and Scandinavian furniture is a long one and not easily opened to new designers. It takes a tremendous amount of skill, talent and drive to make one’s own mark and count one’s self among the Great Dames of furniture design.

Designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen