Rasmus Gottliebsen

Rasmus Gottliebsen Avant-garde, experimental, bold-these are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the indescribable industrial designer Rasmus Gottliebsen. As Gottliebsen himself notes, "To me design is all about creating objects that are impossible not to notice, objects that are contagious and objects that stays in the heart forever. Then I know I did a good job." The Danish designer continually produces bold offerings in collaboration and through his own design company, Herpes. From his radiant wall clock called “Watch Me” to Herpes, his company name, each element is designed to grab and keep your attention like a small child shouting, “look at me, look at me” while hurling blue curse words in a playful and entertaining way. Gottliebsen has worked closely with many elements of product design like concept development, creative strategy and brand identity all of which inform his bold, bright offerings. His “Watch Me” clock for example could be a perfectly executed, bold modern logo for the newest thing. With accessories like the hanging clock, his concept design meshes seamlessly with his vision to create a hard to miss, vivid and well made consumer piece.

Designed by Rasmus Gottliebsen

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