Sigurjon Palsson

Sigurjon Palsson Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, this Icelandic born and Reykjavík based designer is a veritable jack of all trades. From a bevy of authored crime novels to his whimsical Shorebird ornaments, everything Sigurjon Palsson creates is unique. Though many of his designs are touched by whimsy and delight, they are no less grounded in simple, honest forms and minimalist notions. “When form, function and materials are combined in a simple harmonious way, most likely the design will not need much work on the appearance. I’ve always said that the key to perfection in design is simplicity. The highest aim is to reach the bare minimum – to cut away all that is not necessary.” Sigurjon Palsson has so much to offer. You can pore over one of Palsson’s crime novels while you enjoy the lighthearted new collection of home accessories typified by their Scandinavian simplicity and iconic shapes. Palsson’s decorative wooden birds were inspired by the curlew, redshank and sandpiper and are instantly iconic given that they have the distinct forms of shore birds searching for food in the sands along the coast. As part of the Normann Copenhagen collection, we invite you to take a peek at these inviting wood peepers.

Designed by Sigurjon Palsson