Soren Rose Studio

Soren Rose Studio Søren Rose founded his studio in 2008, characterized by a strong personality and intrinsic attention to detail. As an integral part of the Danish design scene, he is a permanent jury member of the annual Danish Design Award while having offices in Copenhagen and New York. “It's about details and quality. This way, the products will live past our times and become a feeling and a statement rather than a brief trend. A Søren Rose design has a strong personality, making it both satisfying and relevant.” "We focus on style, sensibility and sustainability in our approach and value long-term design collaborations with likeminded people to propel our studio forward. Many of our furniture pieces begin as limited edition and evolve into commercially viable products, which we then license through leading manufacturers. We also provide industrial design services to brands around the world. The goal is universal, to improve the immediate surroundings of human beings. Our ethos is what sets us apart." On Scandinavian Design “The result of a Scandinavian life, with its abundant seasons, is a sporadic culture with both extrovert and introvert periods. The dark and long winters leaves us inside our homes for a great amount of time, whereas the short but intense summer makes us spend as much time outside as possible. It prompts us to have high expectations to the objects that we surround ourselves. Our homes must reflect our personality and we take pride in welcoming people in our castles of personality. A Scandinavian product can look rather fragile and elegant on the outside, but upon closer inspection, it is tough as hell; it’s all in the detail.”

Designed by Soren Rose Studio