Long Planter Basket by Fabio Meliota for Fermob

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Meliota is always looking for discreet, elegant, practical designs with simple details but clever spirit. Long planter is the creation. A poetic take on the traditional planters, to bring your plants to life.

The hallmark and characteristic of the long planter basket, is the versatile and explicit linearity. This planter will sit harmoniously in your garden, balcony or courtyard. Pick it up and move it to wherever you want it. Alternatively the feet and tray are separable.

Long planter basket comes in an array of color so you can be as playful in your choice as you like.

It is recommended when you put plants in the trays, leave them in their original containers. There are two holes to let water out at each end of the trays with plugs.
If you want to put the plants in earth, it is recommended to line the bottom of the tray with either a geotextile or drainage beads. In both cases, do not allow water to stagnate.

Please note: Some colors may be readily available so please contact us and we will check what is in Australia at that time.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

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Height 54cm
Width 119cm
Depth 25cm
Tray Height 19cm
Tray Volume 40L
Material Steel / Aluminium
Coating Anti-UV powder coating
Use Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
Designer Fabio Meliota
Manufacturer Fermob France
How Fermob makes it
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