Timber Trivet by Adam Goodrum for Normann Copenhagen

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Most trivets are depressingly dull. And while we understand that they do protect your table top or counter from hot saucepans the decorative aspect is often sorely lacking. With the stylish Timber Trivet you no longer have to worry about this. Simple and sweet, that’s what this trivet is.

Three tapered solid oak pegs come together in a pure triangle, which can just as easily be taken apart for easy storage in your kitchen drawer.

Timber is a stylish and practical trivet with a beautifully designed finish by Adam Goodrum. Timber trivets are made of natural materials and are useful both in the kitchen and for laying the table with.

Australian Adam Goodrum has used play as his reference point. With strong references to classic wooden toys, Timber is also playful in its shape and constitutes a graphic pattern through a pure and honest mode of expression. There are no unnecessary details.

Adam Goodrum explains: "My wish was to design a sculptural trivet. I adopted a playful approach to come up with the mode of expression. Just like a puzzle where the pieces must be fitted together correctly to create the whole picture. The trivets three parts become one when they are connected together. The conical shaping constitutes an elegant gathering of the object.”

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

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Size 18cm x 20cm x (3cm High)
Material Solid European Oak
Designer Adam Goodrum
Made in Denmark
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