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DCW Editions Paris "There are objects born of desire and love. There are objects that disappear, blown by the air of time. To be in the air of time is to have the fate of dead leaves. (Jean Guitton) Only the fair and the just are eternal. " Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler We began the edition with the work of the inventor Bernard-Albin Gras, with the Lampe GRAS, the starting point of the twentieth-century lighting, the first articulated lamp in history and acclaimed by Le Corbusier. Then we launched the Surpil chair by Julien-Henri Porché, elegance obliging. In 2013, we produced Mantis lamps, "sculptures-mobiles" by Bernard Schottlander, created in 1951. A tribute to Alexander Calder, the Mantis mark the 1950s forever. In 2014, we launched the first OUTDOOR Lamps in size XL . 2015 the adventure continues with force and passion. GRAS acrobats and GRAS furniture make their first show at Euroluce 2015. A great encounter: Bertrand Balas created in 1970 Here Comes the Sun, An original suspension like all the original suspensions, but lighted up, becomes magic. DCW Editions opens an innovative and contemporary section by publishing the IN THE TUBE luminaire collection by architects Dominique Perrault and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost. This collection, composed of mega-performing tubes, evokes components of espionage at the James Bond, or shuttles at the Jules Verne.

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