Merano Black Stained Beechwood Dining Chair with Black Pad by Alex Gufler for TON

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Italian designed and European made, the Merano black stained dining chair offers an easy way to add beauty to your home or space and make every gathering extraordinary. Made from beechwood, this modern wood dining chair boasts on-trend Italian design with the pinnacle of European furniture manufacturing. This kind of quality is enduring, iconic and impervious to shifting trends. Demonstrate your eye for beautiful things, your individual point of view and create a look that is as distinct as you are with the Merano black modern dining chair.

The Merano dining chair is equally at home in your contemporary dining room, upscale kitchen, or restaurant dining room. This black modern dining chair is like a striking work of art that is as practical and useful as anything in your space. Put these designer black dining chairs to good use at intimate dinners, everyday family suppers and any and all of your gatherings. 

Seat size: 44W X 42.5D
Seat height: 47cm
Overall height: 79cm
Overall Width 49cm
Colour: Black Stain
Frame Material: European Beechwood
Upholstry German Made Black Vinyl
Designer: Alexander Gufler
Manufacturer: TON CZ (Made in Czech Republic)
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