Alex Gufler

Alex Gufler Italian born designer Alexander Gufler began his career working along side his father, a goldsmith. It is here Gufler got his first taste of design and forms and began to develop his eye for simple, beautiful, well designed things. He went on to study industrial design in Vienna widening his perspective and cementing his passion for furniture design. Gufler opened his own firm, Product Design House in 2010 where he quickly amassed a number of successful, high profile collaborations creating highly sought after furniture pieces. For a relatively young designer, Gufler has achieved a high level of professional success and accrued an impressive body of work. His Merano Arm Chair may be his single most recognisable furniture piece, a sculptural masterwork chair if ever there was one. Gufler worked with legendary furniture manufacturer TON to create this natural beauty. Alexander Gufler is regarded for his profound understanding of the fundamentals of exceptional design, his attention to detail, his meticulous work and his vision for refined simplicity. Whether it is his Stelvio table or his striking Merano arm chairs, every piece Gufler touches becomes a statement in understated luxury grounded in nature.

Designed by Alex Gufler