Ironica White Dining Chair by Tom Kelley for TON

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The white Ironica retro dining chair is Tom Kelly’s answer to the question, can a vintage chair design feel more modern and on-trend? The answer is yes. Tom Kelly takes the archetypal spindle back, Windsor dining chair and edits it down to its essential form. With sharper angles and less ornamentation, this chair feels both vintage and modern in all the best ways. This might just be the ideal chair for your kitchen or dining room.

Put this white spindle back retro chair in your modern kitchen and it fits right in. Add this chair to your rustic kitchen for a slightly more polished, contemporary feel. Or transition your classic or more formal space with this lighter, airy, open backed dining chairs for an affordable designer update. See the complete Tom Kelly retro Ironica collection for a multitude of colour and style choices, all European made for premium furniture quality.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

Seat Height: 45cm
Seat Size: 41W x 40D
Overall Height: 84.5cm
Colour: White
Seat Material: European Beechwood Ply
Leg Material: Solid European Beechwood
Assembly: NA
Designer: Tom Kelly
Manufacturer: TON CZ (Czech Republic)
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