811 Hoffmann White Armchair with Cane Seat and Cane Backrest by TON

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The 811 cane bentwood armchair, inspired by a model from 1930 by Josef Hoffmann, blends his interest in Art Nouveau and simple shapes with manufacturing processes applied in Bystrice pod Hostynem since 1861.

The armchair is therefore more geometrical, but bears the clear features of the manual bending technique of TON.

Timeless design with natural Cane seat and back brings a lightness to your space and comfort.

Michael Thonet's company designed the cane 811 bentwood chair in the 1920s. Sometimes also called the "Prague chair" the 811 bentwood chair is often attributed to Josef Hoffmann, but is more likely the design of Josef Frank.  TheA811 bentwood chair is also one of the first versions of bentwood chairs to be offered in a variety of coloured finishes that were not previously offered.  The A811 bentwood chair was one of the company's most popular 20th century designs, and is still widely used by designers worldwide.

In the 1840s Michael Thonet began experimenting with bentwood furniture made by bending wood that had been steamed into a soft and pliable state. Over the next 20 years Michael Thonet and his sons developed the processes and machines that would allow them to build bentwood furniture in unprecedented quantities. It was in this time period that he developed what has become thought of as the "traditional" Michael Thonet designed bentwood chair: one featuring a back rest and back legs made from a single piece, a rounded cane or laminated seat, and front legs. In his effort to reduce the number of pieces used in building bentwood chairs, he had to connect the main elements that existed on different planes.  This could only be achieved by bending wood.  Michael Thonet's further experimentation with bending wood yielded amazing results.  By the 1850s, Michael Thonet's bentwood styles had become mainstream, and he was on his way to creating a catalog of bentwood chairs yet to be rivaled.

The output of Michael Thonet's factories was vast, due in part to his idea of designing separate pieces which would be combined to make a large number of models. Michael Thonet stands out as a designer and pioneer both in mass production and in design, as he artistically explored the new forms and unique qualities of his newly invented technique.  Remarkably few changes have been necessary over the last 150 years. The factory still follows the 19th century production methods developed by Michael Thonet to produce stylistically accurate, handsome, and sturdy bentwood chairs, bentwood stools, tables, and accessories.  

Made in the Czech Republic by TON. In 1861, a bent furniture plant was opened in Bystrice pod Hostýnem and today it is among the oldest in the world. It was no coincidence that its founder Michael Thonet, whose name the plant bore, chose this place. Surrounded by beech forests offering enough material for the manufacturing process, Bystrice pod Hostýnem also saved on transportation and labour costs thanks to its location.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

Seat Height 46cm
Seat Width 45cm
Seat Depth 41cm
Armrest Height 71cm
Overall Height 81cm
Colour White
Seat Natural Cane
Frame European Beechwood
Designer Josef Hoffman
Manufactured TON CZ (Czech Republic)
Warranty Residential 5 Year Structure / 2 Year Cane Seat
Warranty Commercial 5 Year Structure / No Warranty on Cane Seat
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