Mads K Johansen

Mads K Johansen Expert construction, economy of materials and the noted simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design-designer Mads K. Johansen captures it all in his language of design. Denmark born Mads K. Johansen graduated from The Danish Design School in 2003. He has noted that his early days living in such proximity to the forest gave him his life long affinity for wood. It can be a steep climb to make a name for yourself in Danish design. Given all that have come before you there is a long history and tradition to contend with. Mads K. Johansen exhibited work early in his career and quickly became a rising designer to watch. Johansen’s designs are simple, straightforward but with an underlying refinement that makes them as workable in minimalist modern spaces as they are in an upscale restaurant. Johansen has built a brand on both his adherence to classic Danish furniture design principles and the new modernism marked by a return to organic materials and bringing out their inherent beauty with simple, classic design, From Johansen’s Stockholm dining collection to his Jutland table, every piece he designs elevates your modern space that much more.

Designed by Mads K Johansen